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Customer service representatives provide phone, chat, or email support to a company’s customers and help them solve problems with or answer questions about their products or services. This is one of the most common options people looking for online jobs will see, Inman said. But you need to be careful which roles you apply for and accept because many of them have strict schedules and offer little growth potential. So be sure to inquire about opportunities for advancement and flexible hours—if that’s what you’re after.

  • Here is an entry-level research job that can be done from home (or remotely).
  • Tutors can work with a range of ages, schools, and curricula, and with online education becoming a new norm and option for a lot of students, online or remote tutors are becoming increasingly essential.
  • Even the most niche speciality could draw an audience, especially if it’s educational or informative—for example, there are influencers who share Excel tips, break down stocks, and analyze movies or television shows.
  • Let’s get you your first remote job, so you can finally list your experience on the next job search.
  • In this section, we break down each remote/at-home job that doesn’t require experience.
  • Front-end developers design the visual layout of websites, while back-end developers are responsible for coding them.
  • From tutoring to travel, chances are you already have some knowledge in your personal or professional background that could help you land a work-from-home job that’s hiring now.

Their goal is generally to educate, inform, or increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the company’s website. Content writers can be full- or part-time employees, but can also be freelance for the most schedule flexibility. Learn the practical digital skills types of remote jobs with no experience needed for the jobs of today and tomorrow with our on-demand video lessons. Search “no degree jobs” on Google to explore high-paying, no-degree job openings near you. For example, you might search “Google jobs” to find their dedicated job posting page.

Accounting Assistant

While employers prefer that applicants have some familiarity with those fields, previous experience is not a requirement. One advantage of being a work-from-home administrative assistant — or “virtual assistant,” as they are also called — is that the hours are flexible or part time, in many cases. The responsibilities are largely the same as for an in-office administrative assistant. You’ll be expected to coordinate meetings, assist staff with various projects and help write letters and other documents. This job usually requires you to type information from forms and documents into the company’s computer.

  • You’ll also need strong communication skills to make sure you and whoever you’re designing for are on the same page.
  • If you have lots of travel experience in your background, these jobs are an opportunity to share your knowledge while earning money at home.
  • For all types of online writing jobs, you’ll need strong writing skills and strong writing samples.

While teachers typically need a license to work in their state, tutors do not. The primary requirement to work as a tutor is some expertise in a particular subject, which can come from your previous work experience or just general personal interests. For example, if you have experience tracking the office finances for a previous employer, a side gig as a math tutor might be good fit for you. You are more likely to find these jobs on specialized websites rather than on your usual job boards.

Learn how to advance your career

You can find remote social media manager and coordinator positions for all types of organizations—from local restaurants to giant tech companies—and these positions can be full time, part time, or freelance. Strong writing skills and some data analysis skills will also help you stand out. You don’t necessarily need a bachelor’s degree to get hired—particularly if you have a strong portfolio—but many positions will require a degree in marketing or similar.

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